Sprue Cutters' Union

Special Episode: Model Podcasters Roundtable

January 23, 2024
Sprue Cutters' Union
Special Episode: Model Podcasters Roundtable
Show Notes

In this special episode, which is going out on all the podcaster's own channels, you get to hear a special discussion we, the Scale Model Podcasters, set up over the holidays

The discussion includes the producers of most of the well known modelling podcasts:

Dave Goldfinch from On the Bench
Darrin Cook from the Model Geeks
Rob Riviezzo from the Modelling Insanity Podcast
Chris Pabz from Built Sideways
Barry Biediger from Small Subjects
Malcolm Childs from Making Conversation
Stuart Clark from the Scale Model Podcast
Mike Baskette from the Plastic Model Mojo
Scott Gentry from the Plastic Posse Podcast
and our own Chris Meddings

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